Tasty Soft Nastar Pineapple Cake Recipe

Delicious Soft Nastar Cake Recipe – This afternoon it’s time for more cookies, friends :). pursued the target of posting various Lebaran cakes that friends have reques in email. well here comes the delicious and soft cake that is very typical when Lebaran arrives. named nastar cake, one of the soft cakes typical of Eid which is very popular from the past until now.

These soft cakes filled with pineapple jam are certainly present in every house that celebrates Eid and has a lot of fans. we think of young children, teenagers and adults that no one dares to resist the tenderness of the nastar cake. For Nastar it does have some forms and contents for friends. but this is very popular, nastar with delicious pineapple jam filling.

Maybe for some people already know if this nastar cake has 2 versions in appearance. that is nastar cake with stuffing besides pineapple inside and nastar cake with besides pineapple on top of it and formed beautifully. For nastar cakes like this it is usually called basket nastar. Well, for basket basket we will discuss later, because now we will try to share the delicious and soft pineapple nastar cake.

When approaching Ramadan like this, there are usually a lot of various pastry shops that serve typical Lebaran cakes like nastar cakes. Different stores and different tastes that make it too. if we buy it outside, we often find nastar cake with a hard and not soft texture. this of course will make us dissatisfied with the nastar cake which should be good, soft and melted in the blanket.

Therefore, for friends who want to serve pineapple nastar cake to be served during Eid, there is nothing wrong if this time you make it yourself at home. friends will not have difficulty in making the nastar cake, because we will share the ingredients of the nastar cake used and of course by making nastar cakes and tips complete with how to make pineapple jam For the pineapple jam we deliberately made our own friends, so that the results were more effective.

But if you want more practical friends, you can use ready-made pineapple jam. friends can buy it at various cake ingredients, minimarkets or supermarkets that are affordable from where you live. okay, no longer at all, yuck immediately pratekkan Super Soft and Melted Pineapple Cake Recipe in the mouth like the following. check it out

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Pineapple Nastar Cake ingredients:
150 gram butter
100 gram margarine
90 grams of refined sugar
Egg yolk 3 grains
50 gram milk powder
Low protein flour 350 grams (can use blue bogasari key)
Vanilli extract 1 teaspoon
Material of Pineapple Nastar Cake Spread:
2 egg yolks
Honey 1/2 teaspoon
Water 1 teaspoon
Cooking oil 1 teaspoon
(For basting materials, friends can also use instant dough sold in the market like the OVEX brand)


Pineapple Jam Ingredients:
Palembang pineapple 1 piece (peeled, then grated or blended)
200 grams of sugar
2 stick cinnamon
Cloves 3 items
How to Make Pineapple Jam:
The first step is to cook pineapple, cinnamon and cloves until the water shrinks and the mixture becomes a bit sticky.
Next enter the sugar, stir until the water runs out and the mixture becomes jam and can be formed.
After that, cool the pineapple jam and form round or according to desire. then if the jam is too sticky, you can put the jam in the refrigerator first until the jam is hard.
How to Make Pineapple Nastar Cake:
The first step is to use a mixer, just shake the butter, margarine, refined sugar and vanilla only just so that the mixture is soft and evenly mixed. then put egg yolks one by one, stir well. turn off the mixer.
After that, add the flour mixture and milk powder little by little, stirring with a wooden spoon or spatula until all ingredients are evenly mixed. wrap the mixture with plastic wrap and rest the mixture in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.
Next remove the mixture, dividing it into several parts. Rinse the mixture with the desired thickness then print using a glass. the rest of the dough should be returned to the refrigerator. fill the mixture with the jam that was made earlier, then round it off.
Arrange the cake on a baking sheet that has been covered with baking paper, give the distance between the cakes not too close together. then bake in an oven that has been heated for approximately 20 minutes or 3/4 cooked. set oven at 150 degrees Celsius should not be too high.
Remove the cake from the oven, then spread with a polishing material throughout the surface until smooth. then bake again until cooked or brownish yellow, for about 15 minutes.
Let the cake cool then transfer it to the wire rack until it cools completely before putting it in an airtight jar.
Delicious Soft Pineapple Nastar Cake Recipe is ready to be served.
The target in this nastar cake recipe is delicious, soft and melted nastar cake in the mouth. for perfect results we will provide some tips for avoiding hardened cakes like the following.

Tips for Making Pineapple Nastar Cake To Be Hard:
First, don’t shake the butter or butter too long, because nastar is not the type of cake that has to expand too much.
Second, stir the mixture using a spatula and not directly using your hands, because our body heat will make butter or butter look for it.
Third, touching the dough too often when the printing process will make the cake hard.
Fourth, so that the size of the cake is the same, the jam mixture is formed by balls first, set aside. then rinse the cake mixture until it is as desired and print with a glass. make one cake as an example and friends can make the example to work on all the dough.
Fifth, don’t forget to use refined sugar instead of sugar. but if you want to use sugar, the sugar is blended first to flour.
Sixth, remove the cake little by little when printing, then store the rest of the dough in the refrigerator using plastic wrap so the butter doesn’t melt.
Tips for Making Pineapple Nastar Cake in order not to crack:
First, do not bake the dough at too high a temperature. set the oven at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius to 160 degrees Celsius.
Furthermore, for nastar skin, it should not be too thin or not too much or large.

So the ingredients, how to make and tips in making pineapple cake soft and melted in the mouth is quite easy right? Good luck and create your own with this Delicious Soft Nastar Pineapple Cake Recipe at home. thank you for opening resephariini.com, hopefully the recipes we share can be useful for you. if you like this cookie recipe article, don’t forget to like and share your social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. so 🙂

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