Recipe for Nastar Cake that Melts in the Mouth

Recipe for Pineapple Pineapple Cake in Mouth
The aroma and flavor of cheese is indeed delicious, tasty and very tempting. But indeed not all people or family members like the delicacy of food originally from abroad. Well if that’s the case, this soft melted pineapple nastar cake recipe in the mouth must be tried to make at home. The way to make nastar cake is very practical and certainly does not need too much ingredients to make the dough.

Dough ingredients
Finely ground blue key flour is approximately 1/4 gram.
Fine powdered sugar according to taste or just as much as 90 grams.
Good quality butter is about 150 grams.
Good quality margarine is about 100 grams.
Maize flour is about 150 grams.
Medium-sized chicken eggs taken only about 3 pcs yellow.
Powdered milk is about 100 grams.
Fine vanilla or powder is about 1/4 of a small spoon or can be removed if there is no stock at home.
Sufficient pineapple jam as needed.
Mix enough honey and egg yolk for basting ingredients.

How to make a simple pineapple cake
First mix the flour and cornstarch then stir briefly until even and even if necessary then set aside.
Take the container and then add the butter together with refined sugar, vanilla powder and margarine and shake until it expands.
Lower or reduce the speed of the mixer to number 1 then enter the egg yolks and mixer until blended. Don’t take too long, as long as it’s mixed.
Add the flour and cornstarch mixture in the gyro first little by little while stirring using only spatula until evenly mixed.
Take the dough according to the desired size and then fill it with the pineapple jam.
Reassemble and place it in a pan that has been coated with baking paper and repeat until the mixture is finished.
Enter into the oven with a temperature of approximately 150 degrees Celsius and bake for approximately 1/4 hour.
Remove the baking sheet from the oven then spread it with a mixture of egg yolk and honey on top of the pineapple until blended.
Put it back in and bake until it changes color, cooks and the fragrance comes out or about 1/4 hour more or more depending on the oven

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