How To Freeze Pineapple

After being regarded as a fruit of royalty, pineapple is quickly becoming a symbol of friendliness, welcome and celebration between guests and hosts. At present, in 2011, farmers are exporting pineapple from a tropical climate to the whole world. The thin difference between ripe and spoiled pineapple causes many supermarkets to store these spiny desserts when they are green, not golden. Frozen pineapple is useful for making smoothies and desserts, but like most fruits, it won’t keep all the taste or consistency after thawing. Proper preparation and planning will keep your pineapple fresh for up to 10 months.

Remove the fresh, yellow pineapple heart by cutting the square around the stalk at the base of the fruit and stirring the entire center. Slice the sides, or peel, until the spiny “eyes” do not appear inside the fruit.

Pineapple slices become pieces, rocks or tritúrala. Make a small cut if you plan to use it for smoothies or fruit drinks. Triturate is only if you want to use the whole bag at once, because crushed pineapple is difficult to separate when frozen.

Place the pineapple in a sealed plastic bag with a zipper ready to freeze with a spoon. Lift the excess air, press from the bottom up and close the cover.

Write the freezing date on the outside of the plastic bag before putting it in the freezer.

Defrost your pineapple at room temperature for several hours or until it softens. Avoid refreezing it.

Tips and warnings
You only need to freeze very mature pineapple. The fruit loses its natural flavor during freezing and the undercooked pineapple will feel very bitter after thawing.
The moisture of the pineapple freezes the pieces. Plan appropriately and make smaller bags depending on your culinary needs.

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