Dwarf Fruit Trees for Sale

Dwarf fruit trees for sale. Do you know how easy it can be growing your personal lemon or lime indoors? And now, indoor fruit trees have gone beyond lemons, limes, and oranges. Let’s take a review of three new varieties available today…

If you have never owned and indoor fruit tree, you may be pleased at how easy they may be to tend to. Since they’re container plants, their root structure is not as far reaching as being a normal tree you’d see outdoors. Since they only require only a little space, they have an inclination to do quite nicely with only basic care.

Perfect for gardeners associated with a level, indoor fruit and citrus trees increase the risk for ideal addition for virtually any living space. Most top out at three feet or so, causing them to be perfect for even the smallest parts of your home. There are a few important care tips you will need to know, and also for the most part these small delightful trees may be hardy and prolific.

You could possibly be accustomed to traditional kinds of these trees, which usually grow to about three or four ft . tall at full maturity. There’s the Meyer lemon, dwarf lime, and orange, all of these bring a whole new tropical fragrance to your home at San Diego.

When your dwarf fruit trees for sale tree is shipped for your requirements, it’ll already be somewhat established however, not yet able to bear fruit. Usually that occurs after twelve to fifteen months. In the interim, your tree will add a pleasing, almost tropical fragrance to your own home since it matures.

Recently, three new varieties are already introduced. Because indoor citrus trees are usually hardy and fun growing, their popularity is increasing. Gardeners from beginners to experts are receiving positive results growing citrus indoors. Here’s a peek at three new forms of trees which could get your interest or a friend or acquaintance..

Like any plant, indoor fruit trees need time for it to accommodate their new environment. Give it the most effective probability of success by placing it in the sunny window. Dwarf fruit trees need a minimum of six hours of sunlight every day. Water your tree in the event the soil is about the dry side of moist, about once weekly for most home environments. You should also mist the tree among waterings, as indoor citrus trees appreciate a humid environment.

Citrus Three In One

If you cannot determine which fruit you prefer best, this tree is perfect for you. Topping off at four feet in height but yielding full-sized fruit, this original variety offers you a crop of lemons, oranges, and tangerines in one tree!

Like most indoor citrus trees, it really is easy to care for. The only basic requirements are a couple of hours of direct sunlight per day and frequent watering. We like to mist our indoor fruit trees since it increases the humidity level and they also seem to respond well. Plus, misting will defend against any pests like fruit flies that may be drawn to the flower.

When your tree actually starts to produce fruit, you may be amazed using the actual size. In most cases, it’s as large as those you get inside market. Further, you will observe the fruit is generally sweeter and frequently seedless.

We have owned indoor fruit trees for decades. Here are a few varieties very often manage to be one of the most prolific fruit producers…

Indoor Pineapple

You’ll love the pineapples this tree yields. The fruit is good, soft, and fleshy, without the hard, woody center you receive from pineapples from your grocer. The tree tops out at four or five feet and you can expect fruit inside a year.

This particular variety is a lot more drought resistant than most, but we still recommend watering it twice a week and augmenting with misting.

Meyer Lemon

The Meyer Lemon is probably the best known indoor fruit tree, along with good reason. It has beautiful white blossoms and glossy green leaves. The fragrance is a lot like an exotic orchard. And then you have the fruit! A fully developed Meyer Lemon will yield several pounds of fruit annually, more than enough to maintain you provided with lemons practically year around.


With the overwhelming interest in this healthy fruit, it had been just a matter of time before an inside container variety originated. This tree also tops out at four feet but is likely to be wider than these mentioned previously.

The pomegranates are sweet and juicy, which has a unique purple tinged color. The tree itself is hardy and drought resistant.

Dwarf Lime

There are a couple of kinds of indoor lime trees available, including key lime, kaffir lime, and regular orchard lime. Any of those do quite well indoors. Each tree, typically, will yield any where from fifteen to thirty limes per crop.


One Key Care Tip

All three of the trees will appreciate being outside in the warmer months. A sunny patio or balcony is perfect. Further, even though these trees are self pollinating, an outdoors visit from pollinating birds and insects will help inside long run.

Other than that, care is minimal. Watering, misting, a sunny location and good soil are one requirements.

Of course, how well your tree does is determined by environmental factors. Although it is not necessary, we recommend placing your tree outdoors inside the summer on a patio or sunny balcony. We find this may help the tree not just in relation to its fruit production, but general health at the same time.

Indoor Tangerine

If you like tangerines, this is a great indoor tree to suit your needs. The tangerines are slightly smaller than you’d find within the store, but they may be very sweet and juicy. They will yield a comparable or even more than lime trees, usually a couple dozen tangerines.

In addition to normalcy varieties, indoor fruit trees are available these days for pineapples, pomegranates, as well as a specialty three in a single combination.

They produce a fragrant, handsome addition to your living space in your home and they are surprisingly affordable. Most of the trees cost under $20. They are easy to tend, and you may surely appreciate the pride of accelerating your personal fruit near me..


Indoor dwarf fruit trees for sale make the perfect addition to your property. There is a real sense of satisfaction from growing your personal fruit. Best of all, these dwarf trees are hardy, disease resistant, and inexpensive at the same time. Meyer Lemon, lime, and tangerine are generally one of the most prolific, but any variety can do well if it is properly cared for.

The added bonus could be the pleasant tropical fragrance these trees add to your home. You will never need to use an artificial air freshener again!

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