5 Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle To Make Infused Water Without Fuss!

Because the desire to drink water is also influenced by drinking bottles, we choose the best for you.

Not everyone likes to drink water which is actually not white. FYI, the water which is usually called white water is actually colorless, aka transparent. The name misguidedness should be straightened out, revised, replaced with mineral water starting today. Point.

Yes, not everyone is fond of drinking mineral water. There are two main reasons that drinking water cannot be accepted wholeheartedly. The first reason is that the visual appearance of the water doesn’t make any taste. Yes, we both know, everything related to culinary is more appetizing if it looks good too.

Remember the period when almost all the snacks had rainbow and green tea versions? When the two-color outbreak attacks, all foods and drinks containing one are guaranteed better than the original version.

And as it turned out, the trend of making an alternate version of the kukulineran also grazed on mineral water. In recent years, alternative versions of mineral water have suddenly become popular. Its name is infused water. Drinking water is still made from the main mineral water without taste. But to make it better to drink, the water is combined with a number of choices of fruit or vegetables. You certainly know about this.

But do you know that not all drinking bottles can maximize infused water, both in shape, concoction and taste? Yes, actually there really is no prohibition on using careless bottles. But yes, again, it could be that the taste or shape is not optimal.

For this reason, we spent hours collecting a list of the best drinking bottles for putting infused water. Hopefully this row of bottles can help you enjoy fusion mineral water perfectly.

  1. Infused Water Citrus Zinger Drinking Bottle

Believe it or not, making infused water itself is a very easy process. You don’t need special skills for that. All that is needed is a container in the form of a drinking bottle to store the water. There are various brands that make bottles specifically for infused water.

But when choosing a bottle, look for an infused water bottle that has a built-in filter. Besides because it will make it easier for you when you drink the water, this filter will keep the position of the material soaked in water not scattered. Also choose a bottle with a wide neck and cover to make it easy to rinse when cleaning.

Bottles from Citrus Zinger can be one of the ideal choices for storing infused water. This bottle is equipped with a filter and a juicer that can be used to squeeze pieces of orange or similar fruit. There is also a bottle of Citrus Zinger that has a sports cap type cap so it’s easy to drink.

2. Infused Water Oxone OX-052 Drinking Bottle

This Oxone OX-052 drinking bottle has a transparent soaking container placed at the bottom of the bottle. Similar to the position of a Tupperware bottle filter. But the filter on the Oxone bottle has a larger capacity and doesn’t include the Twister feature to squeeze pieces of fruit.

Another advantage of this bottle is located on the top of the lid which includes a handle and is very airtight. Therefore, water is not easily spilled even though it shakes quite extreme. The handle part is also strongly linked to the saddle of the bag or simply carried by hand.

  1. Infused Water Tritan Drinking Bottle

In plain view, a bottle of infused water Tritan has a special feature as a place to soak while filtering pieces of fruit or vegetables mixed into drinking water. This storage space separates water from pieces of fruit or vegetables, making it easier for you to take infused water.

In addition to the bottle design that greatly accommodates the process of making infused water, Tritan drinking bottles are also produced with special standards. This bottle is claimed to have clarity that is almost the same as the clarity of a glass glass. In fact, the material used still comes from processed plastic. Maybe you will be fooled if you see the physical just a flash.

Although made from processed plastic, the infused water bottle produced by Tritan is very safe for health. Plastic preparations used do not contain destructive substances such as BPA, BPS or various other bisphenol. Keep in mind, bisphenol can cause nerve disorders.

Another advantage that can be obtained from a bottle of Tritan-made infused water is its durability. Tritan drinking bottles use highly resistant plastic preparations. The bottle will not get scratched when washed too often. And unlike a number of other drinking bottles made from stainless steel, Tritan bottles will not be easily dented.

  1. Asobu Flavour2 Go Infused Water Bottle

There are a number of aspects that are highlighted in the Asobu Flavour2 Go bottle series. The first aspect is the design that accommodates a variety of functions, ranging from the function of storing infused water materials, filter functions, to the use of highly efficient functions.

The design of the design is not only concerned with style, but also provides certainty that the water in the bottle will not easily spill or seep thanks to the double locking feature on the bottle cap. In addition, this drinking bottle is also highly resilient because it is made of plastic made from tritan. This means that the Asobu drink bottle will not break easily even if it is knocked down due to the strong force of pressure.

5. Infused2 Go Infused Water Tupperware

Don’t be fooled by the look of this Tupperware drink bottle. At first glance, there is no feature to store the fruits or vegetables that you want to infuse into the water. But actually, Tupperware Infused2 Go has a Twister at the bottom of the bottle that is provided to squeeze and filter fruits and vegetables. Similar to Citrus Zinger, anyway …

You just have to prepare pieces of fruit and vegetables, put them in a Twister container, then fill the Tupperware Infused2 Go bottle with water until it’s full. Cool at least two hours in the refrigerator for a more optimal taste. After that you can enjoy infused water anytime and anywhere.

You also need to know, Tupperware Infused2 Go bottles are also made from heat resistant. You will be free to store water temperature up to 65 degrees Celsius without worrying over heat when held.

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