Super Ciamik Cheese Spinach Sauce Recipe

Pasta is a typical food from Italy which is widely favored throughout the world. Pasta also has many types of Ladies. The longer the pasta variants are more diverse, like this one. Ladies will be invited to peek at the delicious spinach cheese recipe. Check the cheat only here Ladies.


250 grams of pasta according to taste (penne, macaroni or fussili)
200 ml of water
1/2 tsp salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Spinach Sauce Material:
500 ml plain milk
2 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons of olive oil
50 grams of onion, chopped
100 grams of spinach, flush hot water, squeeze and chop
basil leaves to taste, chopped
3 tablespoons of grated cheese
1/2 tsp oregano powder
1/2 tsp. Pepper
1 tsp salt

Supplementary material:

5 tablespoons of grated cheese
4 chicken sausages, cut into length

How to make:

Boil water, salt and oil until boiling.
Add the pasta and cook until al dente, remove and drain.
For the spinach sauce, heat the olive oil and cook the onion until wilted. Add flour and mix well.
Pour the milk and stir until thick and boiling, add spinach and other spices.
Keep stirring until thick and lift.
Place the pasta and sausage on a serving plate, pour the spinach sauce.
Sprinkle with cheese and also oregano.

Good luck Ladies.

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