How To Process Frozen Vegetables??

Storage method:

Overseas vegetables are traded in fresh (frozen) and frozen (frozen in ice). In general, the types of vegetables are:

Potatoes, usually have been cut into half-cooked pieces which are then put in a plastic bag.
Peas (type of grain) in a plastic bag.
String beans are usually cut into plastic bags. Brocoli and cauliflower, half cooked and put in a plastic bag. In the storage of vegetables (vegetables) can last a long time. In general, people store frozen vegetables in the refrigerator or in deep frezers (cold rooms – 0ยบ C) both commercially and internally
How to cook it:

Do not leave the vegetables too long in the outside air before cooking. This will be dangerous because besides being rotten, it will also be toxic.
Cook with enough water / not excessive.
Do not leave vegetables in hot water after cooking, because in addition to the juice, the color will also change.
Cook not too ripe.

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