How To Cook Canned Vegetables

Usually vegetables / canned vegetables are cooked, but if they are to be used in hot dishes, we have to reheat them.

Storage method:

For the type of canned vegetables, it must be stored in a room that is not so cold / medium and dry, as if we keep raw potatoes that are still intact and the type of onion. Examples of canned vegetables: Sweet peas / Small types of peas, Mushroom, Asparagus, Artichokes like bases of flowers, Boiled onions / small onions and others.

How to cook it:

Heat vegetables in cans together with stock (vegetable broth in can).
Heat enough / not to damage.
Do not leave the vegetables in the can open too long before being heated because apart from being damaged, the taste will decrease.
Do not cook vegetables in cans with plain water again, because the taste will decrease.

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