Recognize 7 Benefits of Apple Vinegar for Facial Health and Beauty

Lemonizen who likes to cook must be familiar with apple vinegar, aka apple cider vinegar. This type of vinegar is often used in various recipes, such as salads, marinated meat, even drinks, to add a fresh sour taste.

Not only that, apple cider vinegar also benefits to help maintain the health and beauty of your skin. Please refer to the following reviews to find out the various benefits of apple cider vinegar for the face and how to apply apple cider vinegar to your daily face care products. But, before you know about these benefits, let’s first know the content in apple vinegar.
Content of Apple Vinegar
Apple vinegar is a type of beverage that is obtained from the apple juice fermentation process. In this fermentation process, the sugar content in apples is converted to acetic acid which is the active ingredient in vinegar that makes apple vinegar rich in benefits. Besides acetic acid, this vinegar also contains vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E) , potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Even though it is still included in the type of vinegar, apple vinegar has a very striking difference with white vinegar, one of which is in terms of benefits. Apple vinegar is known to have no benefits, while apple cider has many active ingredients that are useful for lowering blood sugar levels, helping to lose weight, reducing fat in the abdomen, lowering cholesterol, and maintaining heart health.
7 Benefits of Apple Vinegar for Facial Skin Health and Beauty
In addition to the various health benefits mentioned above, this type of vinegar can also be used in your daily routine in maintaining beauty, one of which cleanses and brightens the face. The question is, can you clean your face with apple vinegar? Sure it is allowed!

Natural and natural, this type of natural vinegar is able to remove make up marks and help absorb excess oil that causes acne. Not only that, here are some of the benefits that you get from apple cider vinegar related to beauty. Check this out!

1. Reducing the Spots that Appear due to Aging
If you are careful and diligent in looking for ingredients from your cosmetic and beauty products, you will find that one of the elements used is Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA. AHAs are the chemical compounds that you often put on your face to look beautiful and charming.

Luckily, you can find the same compound in Apple Cider Vinegar. Not surprisingly, many experts say that apple cider can help remove dead skin and encourage the formation of healthy new skin cells so that beautiful, well-maintained skin is not just a dream. In addition, acne scars on the skin will fade and slowly disappear.

2. Overcoming Acne
Often uncomfortable with stubborn acne problems? Especially if you want to meet with a crush. Will be embarrassed if there are zits! Well, apple cider is an option to help deal with stubborn pimples on your face.

Apple vinegar is known to contain malic acid which functions as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The use of this vinegar regularly on the face will certainly avoid the mixture of dirt, oil, and bacteria that cause acne. No wonder, you can count on this vinegar enough in the matter of removing acne.

3. Balancing Facial Skin pH
Do you often feel skin that is too oily? Skin too dry? Or, the facial skin is less tight and elastic? That could be due to a less balanced facial pH. Wow, that’s bad! A less balanced pH can invite other facial skin disorders.

Do not worry! You can use apple vinegar to help balance the production of sebum on the face. The pH content of apple vinegar is similar to pH, there is an acid layer on the skin, making this vinegar suitable for daily use to treat skin and prevent facial skin from being dry or oily.

4. Prevent wrinkles
For those of you who are starting to worry about wrinkles, try using apple cider vinegar every day on your face. The acid content in apples provides benefits to reduce fine lines that appear on the face so that you will look young, charming, and charming.

5. Eliminating Toxins from Facial Skin
Pollution and free radicals become obstacles that arise on your healthy skin. This, if left unchecked, will cause dull skin or the appearance of many zits that diminish the charm of your beautiful face. In fact, free radicals can cause skin cancer, which of course you try to avoid.

For this reason, you can use apple cider vinegar to cleanse your skin and remove toxins from dull skin and pimples. The content of beta carotene in apple cider vinegar also helps prevent skin damage. In addition, dead skin can be removed with this vinegar so that your face remains beautiful and well-maintained. The content of beta carotene in apple cider vinegar also helps prevent skin damage.

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6. Shrink pores
As mentioned above, apple cider contains natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid

It helps encourage the formation of new skin cells so that your appearance will stand out with beautiful, bright and charming facial skin.

Not only that, the AHA content is known to be able to shrink the pores of the skin, making the skin smooth when touched. The AHA content also maximizes the skin pigmentation process which makes your facial skin bright.

7. Overcoming Sunburned Skin
Holidays on the beach that should be fun are disturbed due to sunburned skin problems? Overcome the problem of pain and pain in sunburned skin with apple vinegar.

The ability of apple cider vinegar to balance skin pH levels helps you overcome sunburned skin problems, accelerates healing, and prevents sunburned skin from blisters and peeling.
Use Apple Vinegar for Skin Health and Beauty
Interested in trying to use apple cider regularly on your facial skin? Apple vinegar can be used in masks, toners or facial cleansers everyday. The benefit content guarantees the best results for your facial skin.

Eits, but not carelessly, you know. You are not recommended to apply apple cider vinegar directly to your facial skin. Add a little water before you apply this vinegar to your skin. The following are some beauty products with apple vinegar ingredients that you can apply yourself at home.

1. Face Masks
For those of you who have dry facial skin, you can try making this very easy mask. You only need to mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar until blended. After that, apply on the face that has been cleaned, then leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm warm water, then rinse again with slightly cold water. This mask can be used 3 times a week to soothe damaged facial skin, moisturize the skin, balance the pH of the skin, and overcome dry skin.
In order for this face mask to have the effect of brightening the skin, you can add 2 tablespoons of sour cream to the mixture of the face mask above. This mask can be used 2 times a week to moisturize the skin, help exfoliate dead skin, brighten the skin, shrink pores, remove acne scars, and prevent acne.

2. Face Toner
Toner is usually used after the process of cleaning the face to help clean up the remaining oil and makeup on the face. Good toners also help soothe and soften facial skin.

You can also use apple cider vinegar in facial toner. To make it, mix water with apple vinegar in a ratio of 1: 2. For example, mix 100 ml of apple vinegar with 200 ml of water. After that, apply this toner with soft cotton to reduce the signs of aging and help nourish the skin. But remember, if your skin is sensitive, apple cider vinegar should be mixed with more water to make it runny.

3. Bath Salts
Do you like to soak in a bathtub with warm water to get relaxation after a day of activities? You certainly don’t forget to add bath salt so that your bathing time is also the right time to clean the skin.

To make this bathing habit even more useful, you can add apple vinegar to the soaking water you use. The trick, mix 500 ml of apple vinegar with 650 grams of Epsom salt and 15 drops of lavender essential oil into the water in the bath. The benefits of apple cider vinegar for skin health not only you feel on the skin of the face, but also the skin of the body.

4. Acne Medication
Apple vinegar has a function as an anti-bacterial and anti-virus for your body. For this reason, it’s no wonder that apple cider vinegar is widely used as a powerful acne medicine. Just apply a little apple vinegar that has been mixed with water on the part of the skin that has acne problems.

Mix apple vinegar with water in a ratio of 1: 3, for example 100 ml of apple vinegar mixed with 300 ml of water. After that, apply this apple vinegar mixture to the area of ​​the skin with acne problems. Leave for about 5 – 20 seconds, then rinse with water, and dry. Scars of acne will slowly disappear with the use of apple cider regularly.

5. Relieve Sunburned Skin
Ever feel the pain of sunburned skin? For this reason, you need a lotion that helps prevent skin burning by the sun. If you forget to bring it, you can make apple vinegar as a natural lotion that prevents sunburn.

The way to make it is to mix around 125 ml of apple vinegar with 1 liter of water. Use a clean towel or cloth that has been moistened with a mixture of apple and water vinegar. Then, gently pat the sun-burned skin using a clean towel or cloth. Apple vinegar not only helps cool the skin, but also promotes healing of sunburned skin.

6. Overcoming Insect Bites
Skin that is bitten by an insect will certainly beitching and irritation. It turns out that this problem can also be overcome naturally with apple vinegar. You just gently pat the insect-bitten skin with cotton that has been moistened with apple vinegar. The acid in apple cider vinegar helps relieve itching, while the efficacy of balancing the pH of the skin possessed by apple cider helps the healing process of the skin.
Choosing the Best Apple Vinegar
Nowadays, apple cider can be easily obtained in various supermarkets. But to get the best health benefits from apple vinegar, you must be careful in choosing the best quality apple vinegar. Then, how do you choose good apple vinegar?

There are several types of apple vinegar that you can choose, but the best choice is organic apple vinegar that has not been pasteurized and has not been filtered. Organic apple vinegar is certainly healthier because it is free of pesticides and made from products that are 100% natural. In addition, unpasteurized and unfiltered apple vinegar has more beneficial enzymes and bacteria than pasteurized and filtered apple vinegar. Understandably, pasteurized apple vinegar means it has been heated in high temperatures so that some bacteria and enzymes that are beneficial to health will actually die in the process.

If you notice, apple cider vinegar that has not been pasteurized and has not been filtered does look rather cloudy. So, you don’t need to worry. The cloudy color of apple vinegar does not mean that the apple vinegar is not fresh, but because of the presence of healthy bacteria and enzymes in the apple vinegar. In addition, quality apple vinegar still has “Mother”, aka a layer resembling a spider’s nest on the surface of apple vinegar. The existence of ‘Mother bahwa shows that bacteria and enzymes that are beneficial to health still exist and‘ life ‘in apple cider vinegar.

The various health benefits provided by apple vinegar make the popularity of natural ingredients increase in the community. Of course, you can’t just rely on apple vinegar to treat your health and beauty.

Intake of healthy and nutritious foods and regular exercise will certainly make your skin health and beauty and your body more awake. Come on, complete a healthy lifestyle by utilizing apple vinegar for health care and beauty of your skin!

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