Easy Delicious Caramel Apple Japan Recipe For You Try At Home

Easy Delicious Caramel Apple Recipe For You Try At Home

Japanese Special Apple Candy Recipe (Ringo Ame) Original Tasty Tasty. Have you ever attended a Japanese festival? Of course you have seen Ringo Ame or Apple Candy or Candied Apple which are unique and trendy Japanese apple sweets to the point where there are anime shows. This caramel-coated red apple can be made by yourself at home at an economically cheap anti-fail price.
The history of origin of apple candy. According to one source, America William W. Kolb was the first person to find a recipe from apple candy (Ringo Ame).

Kolb, a veteran candy maker from Newark, made the first production of apple candy in 1908. While experimenting at his candy shop with red cinnamon candy or cinnamon candy to trade at Christmas, he tried to dip some apples into in caramel mixture and place them in a window for display.

He sells the entire stack of the first apple for 5 cents per apple and he sells a thousand apples every year. The longer Apple candies are sold along the Jersey seafront, in circuses and in candy shops across the country, according to Newark News in 1948.

Of course what makes this food very distinctive is its unique taste. the bar looks just like a caramel coated apple but the blend of flavors from these ingredients becomes very harmonious and unites on the tongue.

Ringo Ame or in Indonesian means apple candy or glass apple and in English Apple Candy or Japanese Toffee Apple is a snack that is often found at Japanese Festivals. The specialty is Ringo Ame or caramel apple candy because it is durable and safe for weeks without decay because there is a layer of caramel (caramel) from sugar that binds the apple. The following is a collection of secrets of various creations and variations of processed Japanese Apple Caramel Apple Candy recipe complete with a way to make yourself in a home-style home (Homemade) which is simple easy and practical for self-consumption and for selling various business ventures Japanese sweets.

3 red apples
3 pieces of wooden Chopsticks
300 ml of sugar
100 ml of cold water
1 tbsp red food coloring
Wash and clean red apples with water.
Stick apples using wooden chopsticks. Set it aside.
Add sugar and cold water to a small cooking pot to boil, then stir until the sugar melts and until the caramel is thick.
Add one tablespoon of red food coloring to the caramel mixture before, then stir until the color is mixed perfectly.
Dip apples one by one into caramel and make sure the caramel covers the apples perfectly evenly.
Let stand until the caramel hardens and is ready to be enjoyed.
Serve for 5 ringo apple candies.

You can also add toppings of walnuts, peanuts, chocolates, meises of colorful chocolate, etc., so that the look of Ringo Ame is unique and more interesting for kids to enjoy.

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