Note !!! 5 Largest Markets In The World. Is There Fruit Market Near Me And You?

England, India and several other countries have traditional markets that can become culinary attractions. Fresh and quality food is available.

The existence of traditional markets in several countries is still very good. Not only have luxury supermarkets, the five countries below also have large traditional markets. Fresh vegetable and fruit ingredients are available there. Coupled with a variety of local dishes, so that it can also be used as a culinary tourist destination.

Here are five of the biggest and best known markets in the world :

  1. Borough Market, London
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If you’re in London and looking for fresh fruit and vegetables, you should stop by the Borough Market, London. This market is included in the list of the oldest fruit and vegetable markets in the world. Because this market has been opened since 1755. The ingredients there are guaranteed freshness.

Apart from selling a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, this market also sells exported and imported food. Because all food vendors in Europe come here. Prince Charles and Camilia have sipped tea in this market, you know.

  1. Khari Baoli, India
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Indian specialties are also known as spices. Well, the Khari Baoli market provides a variety of selected spices. This market is already famous in the world. Known as the grandest wholesale spice market. There are various types of spices, beans, tea and Indian specialties. Even this market is one of the favorite tourist destinations of tourists who travel to India.

  1. BE Boulangepicier, Spain
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This market is very popular in the Barcelona region. There are many ingredients for sale. Like vegetables, a variety of delicious dishes to Spanish spices. A variety of chocolates and desserts are also available here. If you are curious about Spanish culinary culture, you must come to this market.

  1. Or Tor Kor, Bangkok
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Most of you already know about this market. The market in the Bangkok region, Thailand is known as the fourth largest market in the world. There are various types of fruits, vegetables and foods that are abundant.

The best durian in Bangkok is in this market. Want to snack on snacks, dessert to fast food is here. If you are here you are guaranteed to forget time. Because you must be busy tasting traditional Thai food that has delicious taste.

  1. St Lawrence, Toronto
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This market is included in the list of the best markets in the world. Therefore local residents and tourists buy food here. The age of this market is fairly old. Even St. market Lawrence has been a center for culinary tourism in Toronto since 1803. Here there are 120 more vendors who sell a variety of Toronto farms and other products. Like cakes, bread and a variety of local dishes. Imported products are also sold here, you know. Like tropical fruits and other foods that are not available in other markets. Complete right?

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