Inspiration For Serving Fruits Bowl Near Me And You

In addition to vegetables, fruits are a source of vitamins whose benefits don’t need to be asked anymore. Starting from fulfilling the nutrients needed by the body, preventing various dangerous diseases, to natural diet sources to lose weight. Unfortunately, many people who claim to be fond of eating fruit. Sadly, most of them are young people. Okay, if someone doesn’t like to eat durian, it can still be tolerated. Well, if you don’t like bananas, papaya, watermelon or melon? That’s kebangetan. In effect, these fruits are very common and almost always at the dining table.

Well, here is Hipwee Tips to share some unique and interesting fruit presentation ideas. Who knows, by looking at it you will be moved to try to like to eat fruit. Come on, see together!

  1. Presentation of fruit by slicing into small pieces and arranged in parallel will look neat and attractive for consumption. Just take it using a fork, anyway!
reference image

2. Circularly arranged with a bulkhead is also funny, really. You can use pineapple crown leaves to decorate the center

reference picture form

3. If you have a square plate, the arrangement can be like this. You can add the middle part of a small plate of fruit or sauce

circular with a fill in the middle via

4. Serve fruit slices by placing them in piles according to the type of fruit. Make it narrower to look like a temple!

rotating stack via

5. Use half a slice of papaya fruit that has been taken to serve as a placemat. Add yogurt if you like

papaya placemat via

6. If this one uses a melon hemisphere. Try making tapered slices like this so that the placemat looks more beautiful

watermelon placemat via

7. You can create a tropical a la fruit with pineapple as another fruit plate

pineapple placemat via

8. Use oranges? Yes, how come! Even though it looks rather mini, the important thing is to make you tasteful

oreange placemat

9. Yup, watermelon! Aside from being transformed into jumbo plates, watermelon water can also be used as syrup, you know!

watermelon placemat via via

10. Who says young coconut can only be shredded? Can you use the shell for the fruit mat. Then there will be a coconut-shaved sensation of my own, that’s it …

coconut placemat via

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