Beware Of Fruits Containing Chemicals

Fruit and vegetables have been the recommended food for healthy life and are not processed in factories with various chemicals. Fruits and vegetables have become the basic ingredients of antioxidant and anti-aging products. But what if they also contain chemicals that you have been avoiding so far?

When shopping in supermarkets you will find some fruits that look very fresh, with bright colors without blemishes, the shape can be good, not like the fruits you see in trees. The fruits before they reach the traders, require delivery and transfer of hands from the farmer to the buyers like you. You can imagine if the ripe fruits are moved from one box to another, from one truck to another, and so on. The ripe fruits can turn wild, and eventually rotten. Because of that, the fruits are picked from the tree before they mature, so that their texture remains strong, not easily dented and decayed during shipping, and before being sold the fruits are given chemicals so they mature quickly, even though they are no longer attached to the tree. This can also apply to immature vegetable fruits, trimmed from the trees and ripened after they are ready for sale.

You can see the shape of bananas and tomatoes that remain good in the supermarket without defects on the skin, the color of bananas from one another is the same, and looks more durable or rotten. This is because the chemical content in it makes it still look fresh and not rotten. The chemicals commonly used to ripen fruit are ethylene, but lately ethane, calcium carbide and ethephones have been used to accelerate fruit maturity. This ripening passes through the gas emission system or ethylene generator system, depending on how much the desired maturity level.

You don’t like to buy raw fruit, right? Surely everyone likes to buy fruit that is ripe and ready to eat, but unfortunately the ingredients that make the fruit cook faster have a bad impact on our body’s health. How do these chemicals work so that they can endanger our health? The Times Of India provides an overview of chemicals used to ripen fruits and their effects on our health.

– Pesticides

In addition to using chemicals that accelerate fruit maturity, farmers also use pesticides to eradicate pests, the liquid that attaches to these plants can also damage our health.

– Ethylene

Compounds that can affect the nervous system in humans can affect the function of vision, skin, lungs and memory, and can aggravate the disease hypoxia which is a lack of supply of oxygen into our body.

– Bethylene

Since the use of ethephons is prohibited by the food regulatory agency, farmers use bethylene to make their plants mature faster, but the recommended amount of bethylene uses reduces the taste and nutritional content of the fruit and does not last long. So that many farmers use excessive amounts of bethylene. That is what ultimately endangers human health.

– Ethephon

The chemicals that regulate the growth of this plant can make ripe fruits prematurely, such as apples, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, morello cherries, citrus, raisins, figs, tomatoes, sugar cane, coffee and pepper. Ethephon can join ethylene compounds easily, and both can interfere with our health.

If the fruits and vegetables we normally consume every day contain chemicals that are harmful to the body, we need to follow the steps that are effective in dealing with them by:

– Wash the vegetables and fruit you eat with water mixed with salt and lime liquid. You need to submerge all parts of the fruit and vegetables and let them sit for 5-7 minutes. After that you can rinse it with plain water, then let it dry until you eat it.

– In choosing fruit, note whether on the surface of the fruit there are puncture marks or injections, nail marks or powder application. If you find one sign or even all three, don’t take the fruit. Choose fruit with a completely flat and clean surface and not suspicious.

You may not be able to stop the actions of farmers in speeding up the maturity of fruits and vegetables, or change their way of farming; but what you can do is take care of yourself by staying alert to the chemical constituents of plants, so that the benefits of fruits and vegetables for your body’s health can still be enjoyed together

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